The Bully Dog Rescue Coalition’s Mission, if you will, is a TEAM EFFORT, born of love, commitment, and a desire for measurable, and dramatic change.

This Mission, to hugely increase not only the survival of our beloved Bully Breeds, but their quality of life, is designed and will be implemented and administrated by a coalition of impassioned experts in the world of rescue and advocacy; experts who individually and collectively for many decades, have placed their emphasis on the Bully Breeds.

The dedicated BDRC Team is growing carefully, but at the same time, rapidly. Qualifications for “membership” include time and commitment, experience and knowledge, an open mind, and a desire for real change.  Individually, each of us took our own route to The Bully Coalition.  

For CEO Rick Bassman, it began with the loss of his beloved Staffordshire Bull Terriers Marley and Ramone,  his intensive search for Ramone after Marley’s body was discovered and through his time as a volunteer, first for Kyle Schwalb’s Smashface Rescue, where he began his immersion in every facet of the Rescue world and crystallized what would become a lifelong love for the Bullies, and ultimately to what at the time seemed a casual conversation with mentor Linda Blair, on the grounds of her World Heart Foundation property, in Acton, CA.  It was there, where Linda and Rick –who had become close—first talked of their “dream”… a dream to create the largest rescue operation and physical sanctuary in the world for the Bully Breeds, from which they’d dedicate their time, resources and expertise toward the betterment of life for these dogs, nationwide. 

The journey began with Rick committing to writing the first of what would ultimately become twenty-one drafts of a “business plan.”  A plan that in it’s first incarnation, just began to articulate the dream Rick and Linda first spoke of on that Spring day in Acton.  Nearly two years later, this same plan now reflects thousands of miles travelled to leading Rescues and Sanctuaries nationwide for research and perspective of different hands-on approaches, hundreds of hours of consultation and dozens of expert consultations (and one pretty serious case of carpal tunnel syndrome; the kind that twenty-one drafts will brings you).

Today, The Bully Dog Rescue Coalition contains a collection of individuals who are enthusiastic, energized and expert in their respective fields, including business conception, development and implementation; operations; logistics; legal; fundraising; financial planning and management; web development, marketing and technology; internet technology; social media planning, development and roll-out; creative arts, inclusive of writing and graphics;  public relations, and more.  The BDRC members each bring their individual skill sets to complements one another toward a common cause…

A fervent dedication toward the rescue and rehabilitation of our Bullies nationwide, and ultimately, a hugely improved quality of life for them all.