Breed Specific Legislation

Boiled down to brass tacks, Breed Specific Legislation (or “BSL”), is the wholesale banning of a breed of dog, within a certain designated area (e.g. City, County, Township, etc.).  The Shame of this is obvious… BSL is in and of itself hatred –a witch hunt of sorts if you will--  borne of largely misinformed prejudice against a “type” of living, breathing being.  The immediate effect can be heart-wrenching, actually at many times resulting in a family dog being ripped from its home by the authorities, and being executed at a local shelter.  The longer-term fallout is staggering… the fewer places in the US at which bullies are allowed to live, results directly more and more of them being born in shelters –and staying there until they’re put down—or ending up in shelters early in their lives.  Again… ONLY 1 out of every 600 bullies makes it out of a shelter alive. BSL must be overturned, NOW.

BSL Census has put together a comprehensive overview of where BSL is currently in effect in the United States.