Our events

Great America Pit Bull Adventure

From coast to coast, and across America's heartland, they will

  1. Meet with Lawmakers in Cities which have enacted Breed Specific Legislation, to have frank discussions about the BSL laws, and the possibility of changing their status'.
  2. Appear on and in ALL Media, to tell - and show first-hand - what great dogs the Bullies are.
  3. Visit with leading Sanctuaries, Shelters and Animal Welfare Organizations, and individual Leaders in the movement, to share resources and further shared objectives.

Ramone & GoGo & Eos, rescued pups with horrific backgrounds, are wonderful examples of the loving nature of the various Bully Breeds (“Pit Bull” is not a breed. It is an umbrella term, encompassing no fewer than a dozen AKC- recognized breeds). Ramone & GoGo & Eos are absolutely fantastic with ALL people – old, young, big, small – they are great with everyone they meet.

This March & April, Ramone & GoGo & Eos are embarking on one heck of a road trip, cruising this great nation in a rented RV (with daddy Rick) to showcase the true, loving nature of the Bully Breeds.

In 2017, Ramone & GoGo & Eos, as part of The Bully Dog Rescue Coalition, Inc. (BDRC), a registered California nonprofit corporation, will begin the process of moving its current operations from San Clemente, California to Central California and creating the WORLD’S LARGEST BULLY BREED SANCTUARY.