How You Can Help

Have you been thinking –or saying—for some time now, that you’d like to roll your sleeves up and dive into the world of dog rescue? Good!  WE NEED YOU.

Whether you’re looking to take the journey all the way to a certification in training/rehabilitation, or would prefer to spend your time walking or cuddling dogs, it’s all very important work.

There are several different types of organizations where YOU can make a difference:

SHELTERS / HUMANE SOCIETIES - More often than not, these are County or City or State-funded operations, with an actual physical location.  They tend to be “structured,” –in a way you would expect of a governmental organization.  Many have adopted the “no-kill” mandate, while even more still are practicing euthanasia.  Regardless, as we strive toward the “Save Them All” goal, the work that most shelters and humane societies are doing is incredibly important.

RESCUES – These are typically run “via remote” (through the various officers’ e-mails and phones, and take into account pulling dogs from kill-shelters, placing them in foster homes, working to adopt them into a safe, loving, forever home.

SANCTUARIES – An actual physical location, created and run by private citizens who have formed a non-profit, which in best-case scenarios, combines the work of the Shelters and the Rescues.

Fortunately… as more people turn their hearts and time toward this important work—there are more and more volunteer opportunities in your area. If you’re not already aware with a particular organization with which you’d like to get involved, we suggest a simple Google Search for your geographical area, looking for either Rescues, Shelters or Sanctuaries near you. Most are on the constant look out for volunteers.  Some are even hiring full or part time employees.  So, call them… write them… and dive in and help!