Our Goals

It’s simple really, The Bully Dog Rescue Coalition (BDRC) goal is to significantly better the lives of bully breed dogs across the United States. Okay,  maybe it’s not so simple. It’s safe to say with this far-reaching goal, we’re going to be busy.

Our Work Goals aka “Our Passion”

  1. Support existing legislation and initiatives, and help to create new legislation/initiatives that:
    • Contribute to the growing effort to make all shelters in the U.S. no-kill shelters.
    • Work to make it mandatory for all dog-owners to be licensed. 
    • Overturn breed-specific legislation (BSL) which bans certain dog breeds in cities, counties and international regions. 
    • Promote more aggressive prosecution and stiffer penalties for animal abusers. 
    • Proactively promote the important mandate of spay/neuter, by identifying the best-organized pro-spay and neuter organizations in the U.S. and creating a centralized database and regionalized referral network. 
    • Work to seek out and put a stop to dog fighting all across the U.S. 

  2. Create and maintain a worldwide public relations effort focused on improving the reputation of bully breed dogs and properly re-educating the public on the true nature of these misunderstood animals. 

  3. Create and maintain independent profit centers that quickly and effectively help BDRC operate in a self-sustaining capacity. 

  4. Develop and set the standard for rescue, safe harbor and adoption protocols nationwide.

  5. Create and operate the world’s largest rescue, rehabilitation, sanctuary and adoption facility for bully breeds. This includes a state-of-the-art model for all dog-centric operations worldwide by:
    • Rescuing, training and re-homing pit bull dogs through our shelter. 
    • Providing proper education through the use of guides and consulting services for shelter professionals. 
    • Offering immersion and training programs, hosted on BDRC property, to shelter and sanctuary professionals.
    • Traveling across the U.S. to present to universities, county and city government, and other organizations on topics surrounding bully breed dogs. 
    • Raising awareness of how the language used in laws can affect the owners of pit bulls in their communities. 
    • Suggesting legislative improvements and protocol for how pit bull owners can best work within the confines of the law to ensure a better, safer life for everyone. 
    • Hosting local residents and visitors for a hands-on educational experience that encompasses all aspects of The BDRC operation. 
    • Working to educate the public and the media on what constitutes a bully breed dog or pit bull. 

The goal is for rescuers and adoption-centric organizations throughout the U.S. to adopt BDRC protocols, and in-turn, to network with existing leaders in the sheltering and sanctuary worlds, by adopting one another’s protocols.