Thankfully, there are many outstanding nonprofit organizations operating across the United States that place their hearts and souls into rescuing bully breed dogs. These organizations are on the front line when it comes time to rescue a dog from doggie death row. This is where fosters, volunteers and other facilities play a critical role. Once the newly rescued dog is safely relocated to foster care or another facility, it’s time to find the deserving pup a loving forever home. The process is not only a huge resource investment, but it also takes patience, a warm heart and an unrelenting will to save a life. 

What Makes Sanctuaries Different 

When a dog is rescued, there are a few different types of facilities that may take the pup. One of these facilities is a sanctuary. However, a sanctuary is not a rescue or shelter. A sanctuary is a physical location where dogs receive safe harbor.

The goal of an animal sanctuary is to keep their visitors safe, healthy and provide temporary housing during the search for a forever home. Sanctuaries strive to provide the best quality of life on a daily basis. This includes proper nutrition, supervised play time, exercise / training time, human socializing and affection time and of course, a warm, safe place to sleep. 

We applaud those who are setting the standard for Sanctuaries in this Country: