Our team

The Bully Dog Rescue Coalition has been exceptionally fortunate to attract a group of dedicated and impassioned individuals to its cause. As we complete our initial fundraising effort, these amazing people and organizations continue to donate their goods and services, in order to create the World’s Largest Pit Bull Rescue & Sanctuary™.

board of directors

Rick Bassman
Rick Bassman CEO
Jill Anderson-Rackley
Jill Anderson-Rackley
Luigi "Shorty" Rossi
Luigi "Shorty" Rossi
Danny Trejo
Danny Trejo

launch team

Kelli Dore
Kelli Dore Operations
Aaron Bartholomew
Aaron Bartholomew Web Technology Manager
Steve Murad
Steve Murad Printer
Noelle Kim
Noelle Kim Publicist
Rick Bassman
Rick Bassman CEO
John Donboli
John Donboli Legal
Samijoh Goldberg
Samijoh Goldberg Operations/Executive Assistant
Jill Anderson-Rackley & Cody Rackley
Jill Anderson-Rackley & Cody Rackley Rescue Partner
Kendra Jackson-Helms
Kendra Jackson-Helms
Megan Reese
Megan Reese Graphic Artistry
Oscar Rodriguez
Oscar Rodriguez Thought Leader
Shelby Perkins
Shelby Perkins Product Manager
Courtney Mohr
Courtney Mohr Visual Designer
Ryan Pearson
Ryan Pearson Web Developer
Reza Palizban
Reza Palizban Information Technologist and Strategic Operational Advisor
Josh Taylorson
Josh Taylorson Research and Content Guru
Rebecca Morley Gestufatto
Rebecca Morley Gestufatto Director of Operations