Who Is The Bully Coalition

Everyone involved with The Bully Dog Rescue Coalition (BDRC) works closely together towards common goals. Without these inspiring individuals, organizations and companies, we would not be able to pursue our dream to help save as many pit bulls as possible by becoming “The World’s Largest Pit Bull Rescue & Sanctuary.”

Our Launch and Management Team

This group of experts is responsible for the launch and management of The BDRC. Individually and collectively, each member of this team has a love for dogs of all breeds — several are proud parents of bully breeds. 

Name Role
 Aaron Bartholomew  Web Technology Manager
 Rick Bassman  CEO
 John Donboli  Legal
 Kelli Dore  Operations Head
 Samijoh Goldberg  Operations / Executive Assistant
 Jaqui Hinson  Events Manager
 Kendra Jackson-Helms  Tour Manager / Logistics
 Justin McCormack  Brand Manager
 Noelle Kim  Publicist
 Courtney Mohr  Visual Designer
 Rebecca Morley Gestufatto  Operations
 Steve Murad  Printing
 Reza Palizban  Information & Internet Technology
 Ryan Pearson  Web Developer
 Shelby Perkins  Product Manager
 Jill & Cody Rackley  Rescue Advisor
 Megan Reese  Graphic Designer
 Oscar Rodriguez  Thought Leader
 Lisa Travis  Content & Community Management
 Josh Taylorson  Research Specialist

Leading Organizations and Individuals 

A huge objective of The BDRC is to partner and work with like-minded people and organizations. We’d like to recognize some of these leaders — many of whom and which we are already working with on an active basis. 


Sanctuary Location
 Austin Pets Alive  Austin, TX
 Best Friends  Kanab, UT
 Big Dog Rescue Ranch  Loxahatchee, FL
 Keto Pet Sanctuary  Georgetown, TX
 Kindness Ranch  Hartville, WY
Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation  Acton, CA
 North Shore Animal League of America  Port Washington, NY
 Shadow's Fund  Lompoc, CA
 Villalobos  New Orleans, LA


Rescue Location
 Angel City Pits  Los Angeles, CA
 BAD RAP  San Francisco, CA
 Chako Pit Bull Rescue  Sacramento, CA
 Players for Pits  Warrenville, IL
 San Diego Pitbull Rescue  San Diego, CA

Key Individuals and Organizations

Individual / Organization Role
 American Bully Kennel Club  
 American Pitbull Foundation  
 Darcy Dennett  Producer/Director, "The Champions"
 Bronwen Dickey  Author, "Pit Bull"
 Richard Hunter  Radio Personality
 Dogs Playing for Life  
 Edel Miedes  Trainer
 National Pit Bull Awareness Day  
 Pitbull Rescue Central  
 Libby Sherill  Producer/Director, "Beyond the Myth"

Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Jill Anderson-Rackley
 Rick Bassman
 Luigi "Shorty" Rossi
 Danny Trejo

Individually, and more importantly, together, we all work tirelessly toward common goals…  To borrow a phrase from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, “Save Them All.”